• Why An Ultrasound Is Used For So Much More Than Just Pregnancies

    When most people think of an ultrasound, their first instinct is to assume that is related to pregnancy. That is not a bad guess since a lot of pregnant women do get ultrasounds throughout their term, but that is not the only thing that ultrasounds are used for. In fact, pregnancy wouldn't even make up the majority of cases in which an ultrasound is used. There are far more common injuries and conditions that use an ultrasound for clarity. [Read More]

  • Two tips for women who develop antenatal depression during their pregnancies

    If you develop antenatal depression whilst pregnant, you might find it helpful to take a look at the tips below. Talk to your obstetrician about this problem It is very important to notify your obstetrician of any symptoms that you suspect are being caused by antenatal depression (such as apathy towards things that usually make you happy, eating far larger or smaller amounts of food than your body needs, bouts of crying, low energy, etc. [Read More]

  • Why Should You Give Your Managers Occupational Stress Management Training?

    Teaching your managers to manage well isn't just a question of giving them resources and practical skills training. Sometimes, you also need to work on the people side of management. For example, your managers and your business could benefit from occupational stress management training. What are the advantages of doing this? Identify Problems Before They Become a Crisis If you train management staff in how to identify occupational stress, then you look after all your employees more effectively. [Read More]