Why Should You Give Your Managers Occupational Stress Management Training?

Posted on: 16 January 2020

Teaching your managers to manage well isn't just a question of giving them resources and practical skills training. Sometimes, you also need to work on the people side of management. For example, your managers and your business could benefit from occupational stress management training. What are the advantages of doing this?

Identify Problems Before They Become a Crisis

If you train management staff in how to identify occupational stress, then you look after all your employees more effectively. At the moment, your managers might not know when a team member is having stress, psychological or mental health issues because of their job.

A manager may know that something is wrong with one of their team, but they won't necessarily know what the problem is. They may inadvertently make things worse by putting pressure on the employee to try to snap them back to normal.

If workplace stress goes unnoticed or is left untreated, then the employee's mental health suffers. They may also become physically ill. You could lose people to long-term illness or even permanently.

If your managers learn how to identify when someone is struggling early on, then they can help them sooner. For example, this training could teach your managers how a fractured relationship between two employees can cause one or both of them to suffer from stress and anxiety.

As well as identifying the problem, training in conflict management enables your managers to work to solve it. Problems that could turn into serious issues are much better managed at an early stage.

Create a Culture Where Well-being is Valued

Employees need a range of things from their jobs to be happy. They value practical things like security, good pay and interesting work, for example. People also like to be valued by their employer. They invest in you and they respond positively when you invest in them.

If your managers have occupational stress management training, then they can look after the well-being of their teams more effectively. Your employees will feel that you care about their mental health and happiness and that you are looking out for them.

Happy employees work more productively; they are less likely to leave for other jobs. They may also suffer from fewer work-related stress issues. Plus, if they feel that they will get sympathetic and tangible help from their managers, then they are more likely to open up about any problems early on.

Corporate health services companies can help you keep your employees healthy both physically and mentally. To find out more about what this program involves and how it will benefit your business, contact local providers.