Three Things To Do When Booking Your COVID-19 Vaccination

Posted on: 26 October 2021

COVID-19 vaccination rates continue to rise, with many people becoming fully vaccinated and many more with at least one dose. Whether you have had one, or none, there has never been a better time to get fully vaccinated. However, before you make your vaccination appointments official, there are a few things you should think about that can make the day and the experience in general easier. Here are some things that you can prepare for to make life a lot easier when you go to get jabbed.

Clear The Day

If you can, you should try and take the day off when you book your vaccination appointment. Not only can you have a minor reaction that mimics regular flu symptoms, but the booking itself can take quite a while. There are still often queues around vaccination centres because of the hundreds of thousands of people who need it for work and are seeing the benefits of socialising as the country reopens. Clearing the day means you won't have to cancel any other urgent appointments and gives you time to relax and feel comfortable knowing you are doing your part to help keep others safe.

Take A Friend Or Family Member

Bad reactions to vaccinations are rare, but that does not mean you might not feel some minor symptoms. Depending on what vaccine you get, you may feel drowsy, get a slight headache and feel a bit sore after your first (or sometimes second) dose. The best way to combat this is to spoil yourself and get a friend or family member to pamper you. Why not use this as an excuse to spend some time together? Then, if you do genuinely feel tired or sore, they can help out and make sure you get home safely and have a nice place to relax.

Don't Exert Yourself

Often people who take a day off to get vaccinated will then try to make the most of the time and go for a big hike, run or other types of exercise. This is a big mistake, as many of the aforementioned symptoms can be exaggerated if your body is tired. For at least one or two days, you need to see how your body reacts to the vaccine before you go back to regular exercise. Many people find it passes with no reaction whatsoever, while others can feel ill for close to a week (however, that is very rare). Taking it easy is the smart thing to do and what your GP or doctor would advise. 

For more information about preparing for your COVID-19 vaccination appointment, reach out to a local doctor.