The Three Signs That You Might Need To Visit An Optometrist

Posted on: 22 November 2019

Your eyesight is one of the most important systems in your body and one that everybody should be constantly monitoring. A little bit of degeneration here and there can quickly build up if you are not careful. You might be wondering whether what you are encountering with your eyesight is normal or not and whether you should go and visit an optometrist. It is always better to be on the safe side and err on the side of caution so here are three signs that you definitely need to go and visit an optometrist

Flashes Of Light

A common issue for many people is seeing stars or sudden flashes of light in their eyes. Due to the fact it isn't an omnipresent condition and only happens a few times a week or maybe even a month, most people shrug it off. While not dangerous as a once-off, if you are experiencing it regularly then you should get it checked out. It is caused by the vitreous gel getting pushed and pulled on the retina and if it occurs often enough it can lead to these parts ageing faster than normal. At the very least it is important that you know what it is and see if there are any precautionary steps you should be taking.

Sudden Sensitivity To Glare

If your eyes feel like they are much more sensitive to light and the glare that it produces then you may have developed a condition called photophobia. This sensitivity to light is normally only a symptom of some other problem. That underlying issue is what will most cause concern in your optometrist and is what you need to get diagnosed. It could be anything from a disease to a mechanical issue in your eye (like two parts grating against each other). Don't simply put on some sunglasses, get your eyes checked out by an optometrist and find a solution.

Eye Pain

Eye pain is one of the most common complaints an optometrist deals with because there are so many different things it could be. Some are easy to diagnose like conjunctivitis or dry eye syndrome. Some are far more difficult to isolate such as chlorine burn from your pool. The only thing that unites all these problems is that pain in your eyes is never normal and it always requires a visit to the optometrist or even a hospital. Suffering in silence and hoping for it to get better might seem like a smart idea to save a few bucks but if it comes at the expense of your vision you will forever regret it.