A Guide to Planning Your Funeral

Posted on: 21 August 2019

Planning your funeral gives your family members peace of mind and adequate time to mourn once you pass on. So, how should you plan your funeral? Read the extract below for some few tips.


How would you want your burial? Let your family members know whether you would want to be buried, cremated or placed in a mausoleum. If you prefer a burial, choose a spot for your graveyard at home or in a cemetery of your choice. For cremation, your ashes could be preserved, poured in the sea or used to make ornaments such as necklaces. For an above-ground burial, hire an experienced contractor to design and build your mausoleum.

Choosing a funeral home

Below are a few tips to help you chose a funeral home;

  • Choose a facility that is reputable for high-quality services.
  • Inquire if the facility provides transport, cremation and embalming services.
  • If you would want your family members to perform rites and rituals on your body, ask if the facility accommodates such practices.
  • The funeral home should be reasonably priced.


Below are a few ways to plan your funeral finances:

1. Savings

Open a joint account with a close family member. Once you pass on, the funds are available to the individual and are used to pay for funeral costs. 

2. Life Insurance

Take out a life insurance policy. Once you die, the insurance company will pay your beneficiaries money to cater for your funeral expenses. 

3. Prepaid Funeral Plan

A prepaid funeral plan is a form of insurance cover provided by funeral homes to cater for your burial expenses. Below are some questions to ask to help you choose a prepaid funeral plan.

  • If you die in another state or country, will the plan cover your transport expenses? 
  • Does the cover include payments to third parties such as the preacher and caterers?
  • Will you make payments in a lump sum or in instalments?
  • Will you be refunded if the funeral home closes business before you die?  


Choose a venue and what type of memorial service you would like for your funeral. Would you like a wake or a memorial? Who would you want to read your eulogy? Write down a few words to condole your family. 

Planning your funeral should not be difficult with the above tips. Engage your family members. Incorporate their opinion and inquire if they are comfortable with the plan.