What to Know About Skin Cancer Treatment Options

Posted on: 2 July 2019

If you have recently visited a skin cancer clinic, then you likely had a screening. In some cases, these screenings can take several days to process. While you wait for the results, you may be concerned about the types of treatments you could be facing. Here are a few of the skin cancer treatment options you may be facing and what you need to know about each one.

Radiation Therapy

One of the treatments a skin cancer clinic may offer is radiation therapy. This therapy usually uses radiation rays in the form of x-rays focused on the skin cancers. The radiation breaks up the skin cancer and kills the cancer cells. This form of treatment can be done at the skin cancer clinic under the treatment plans of the oncologist. This type of therapy is generally done over the course of several or more treatments depending on the intensity of the cancer cells. When you discuss this form of therapy for skin cancer, your oncologist will determine and discuss the length of treatment during your first appointment.

Chemical Peel

You may think of chemical peels as an option for beauty spas and treatments. The truth is that they can be effective as a treatment option for precancerous skin cells. If your skin cancer clinic visit results in the appearance of precancerous skin lesions, they may order this treatment. There are three levels to the treatment. The lightest one removes the top layer of skin cells, the medium peel removes the middle layer, and the deep peel goes deeper into the middle layer of skin. This treatment can be done at the skin cancer clinic during one visit, with a possibility of a follow-up. 

Surgery Treatments

In severe cases, your oncologist may determine you need to take surgery-based treatments. These treatments generally are done to remove the cancer cells as a whole and prevent them from spreading. The oncologist may do this in one surgical appointment with follow-up check-up appointments. During these follow-up appointments, the oncologist will discuss if there is more cancer to remove or if you simply need to come back to the skin cancer clinic at a later date. 

Keep in mind that your oncologist will discuss your various options depending on your skin cancer results and the type of skin cancer you have, if any. If you do not have skin cancer, your oncologist will suggest preventative measures to take to help reduce the chances of cancer in the future. They will also answer any questions you have regarding your results and concerns you have about those results.