The Benefits of Physiotherapy for the Elderly

Posted on: 14 May 2019

Everybody wants to grow old while maintaining their health levels and mobility, but this is more of a challenge when you aren't able to push your physical body to the limits like you could when you were younger. Exercise is undoubtedly very important for people of all ages, including the elderly, but how can you be sure that you are exercising the right way and not pushing yourself too hard? This is where the assistance of a physiotherapist can be very helpful. Here are some of the benefits of physio for older people.

Controlled exercise.

If you find your exercise regimen slipping as you get older because you don't know how to exercise your older body, a physiotherapist can help you. In the controlled environment of a physiotherapist's gym space or studio, you can be taught the right exercises for your body. At an older age, it is important not to put too much stress on joints or to exercise to the point of fatigue. A physiotherapist will know exactly what you need, and work with you so that you have the correct form for absolutely every exercise.

Helps with pain.

As you get older, it is pretty much inevitable that you are going to have more aches and pains than you did in the past. Of course, rest is important for pain, but physical activity can actually help your pain too. Controlled exercise with a physiotherapist can help to promote blood flow, and this flow of blood and oxygen around the body promotes healing. Remember, physiotherapy doesn't just involve exercise; it is actually a holistic practice that can include things like stretching and massage. These practices can release tension so that you are less encumbered with pain and have greater mobility.

Greater independence.

The last thing that any elderly person wants is to be dependent on other people because they lack the mobility or motor skills to perform tasks for themselves, whether that is making a cup of tea, getting up the stairs or doing their own grocery shopping. The fact is that the more you look after your body, the longer you will have mobility and be able to live an independent life. Scheduling regular appointments with a physiotherapist will help keep you on track with exercise, and any pain issues you experience can be supported (and hopefully fixed) sooner rather than later.

Now that you know the benefits of physiotherapy in later life, will you schedule an appointment?