3 Benefits of Persuading Your Husband to Go to a Men's Health Centre

Posted on: 24 January 2019

Women are generally better at going to the doctor when they are ill than men. Men sometimes take a wait-and-see approach to medical problems or stick their heads in the sand and hope that their problems go away on their own.

If your husband is ill or has some symptoms that are a worry, then you may be having trouble getting him to see a GP. You may have more luck if you suggest that he visits a men's health centre or clinic.

What are the benefits of sending your husband to a male clinic?

1. He Will Deal With Male Medics

Some men are a little uncomfortable seeing female doctors or nurses. They may be a bit embarrassed talking about their symptoms, especially if they are having problems of a personal nature.

If you can persuade your husband to make an appointment at a men's health centre, then he'll have access to male doctors and nurses. He may just find it easier and less embarrassing to open up to a bloke than to a woman.

2. He Will Receive Specialist Help

Men's health centres and clinics specialise in male health issues. While they'll also cover general illnesses and conditions, the doctors and nurses in these clinics have a lot of experience dealing with men and problems that commonly affect them.

So, if your husband has sexual dysfunction problems or has worries about his prostate, he may be happier seeing a doctor who specialises in these conditions. It's often easier to talk to a specialist than a generalist; your husband may also be relieved to deal with medical staff who have a deeper understanding of his problems.

Plus, staff in men's clinics are well used to dealing with male patients generally. They understand that men often don't like to make a fuss.

3. He Will Become More Health-Aware

Your husband may shrug off medical problems at the moment. Visiting a men's health centre could educate him to make him more aware of his health in the future.

For example, he can learn more about the signs and symptoms of common male illnesses and conditions. If your husband knows more about these issues, he may seek medical advice more quickly in the future.

Have a chat with your husband to see if he would be willing to visit a man's medical health centre. Some clinics operate on a men-only basis; others are part of a general GP practice. Locate a men's health medical centre near you for more information.