All You Need to Know About Bulk Billing Medical Services

Posted on: 26 September 2018

Your health, as well as that of your family, is of vital importance. That's why you will want to give it a priority. There's a lot you can think about when it comes to medical or health services for your family. Cost is among the most significant. Medical and health services can be quite costly. Therefore, it's imperative to consider cost-effectiveness when choosing medical services. There's a range of medical schemes to choose from to lessen your burden regarding medical bills. Bulk billing is one of such schemes and here are a few key things you need to know about it when choosing a medical clinic.

What Is Bulk Billing?

Bulk billing is a medical payment option that allows you not to pay your medical bills out of your pocket. Your doctor or general practitioner will simply bill all your medical and related health services as a bulk. That is, you don't have to pay for individual services such as consultation and treatment. This is made possible through the national universal health care system. That means the doctor will bill your medical and health services' expenses directly to the government through the universal health care system.

What Is the Eligibility?

It's worth noting that bulk billing doesn't apply to everybody. This medical payment system is facilitated and enforced by the government. Therefore, to be a beneficiary of bulk billing medical services, you must first become a member of the national universal health care system. Generally, as a subscriber to the universal health care scheme, a certain percentage of your taxable income will go towards the scheme. You will then receive your medical and health services at little or no cost.

Do All Doctors Accept Bulk Billing?

Also, it's worth keeping in mind that bulk billing does not apply in all the health care centres across the country. Therefore, it's important that you only seek medical services from doctors who accept this payment option. You may be provided with a list of the health care centres that accept bulk billing when enrolling as a member of the universal health care scheme.

What Are the Benefits of Bulk Billing?

The principal advantage of bulk billing is that it's cost-effective, which is crucial because medical expenses can be high. Besides the free or low-cost treatment, you can also get hospital stays, but these will often be at public hospitals. Access to specialists such as optometrists is also another advantage that comes with bulk billing. Nevertheless, to enjoy the benefits of bulk billing, you should always carry your universal health care card every time you need medical attention. You will receive the card on your enrolment into the health care scheme.