Is a Take-Home Bleaching Treatment Right for You?

Posted on: 7 August 2018

When you're craving a bright smile, your thoughts probably wander to teeth whitening. While many people believe that their only options are low-concentration store kits or sessions in their dentist's chair, another approach is available. A take-home bleaching treatment helps you strike the right balance between the two, but is it right for you?

You don't have much time to spare

Depending on your current oral health, you may find that you need to make several trips to the dentist. If you want to see professional results but your current schedule doesn't allow for working hour appointments, consider a take-home bleaching treatment. Each pack benefits from professional solutions, but you can apply them in your home setting.

You want professional results on a budget

While store-bought tooth whitening kits will lighten your teeth slightly, they may not achieve the results you're looking for. Unfortunately, practice-based therapies aren't affordable for everyone, as you're paying for the dentist's time as well as the kit. Opting for a take-home kit allows you to achieve professional results, without paying for other overheads.

The application tray delivers the comfort you need

One of the biggest challenges you may face when using a store-bought tooth restoration treatment is that the bleaching tray may not fit. Most manufacturers deliver a one-size-fits-all tray, which is unlikely to fit everyone's mouth. If yours is a poor fit, it may do nothing more than feel uncomfortable. Depending on your facial profile, it could also increase your risk of gum infections through abrasion. In contrast, a take-home kit includes a bespoke applicator tray that your dentist makes. As a result, it's a comfy and secure fit.

Your pre-assessment will unveil any potential risks

Seeing your dentist before pursuing teeth whitening is a good opportunity to highlight oral health risks that could make the treatment unsafe. Although it's rare that you will encounter significant damage, you may experience discomfort. If your dentist identifies issues such as gingivitis, cracks in your teeth or decay, they can address them before you use a take-home bleaching kit. As a result, your smile will feel as healthy as it looks.

Lightening your teeth is an exciting experience, as you're taking steps towards transforming your smile. In order to get the best results, seeing a professional is advisable. With a professional take-home kit, you can experience all the benefits of dentist-managed treatment, at a fraction of the price.