Things to Consider When Buying Ankle Braces After an Injury

Posted on: 14 April 2018

If you have suffered an ankle injury while engaging in physical activity, you need injury braces to support the injured part during the recovery period. Braces prevent further injury, especially if your ankles are weak or tend to sprain often. Most ankle braces come with a metal fitting that supports the outer part of the ankle. This metal fitting helps to relieve inflammation and pain and speeds up the recovery process. What's more, if you regularly suffer from an ankle injury, braces can help in preventing future reoccurrence.

The effectiveness of ankle braces will depend on whether you have selected the best ones that suit your injury. This article will look into some of the questions that you should ask when buying ankle braces for your injury.

How severe is the injury?

The severity of your injury will determine the best braces to promote recovery. There are mild support, medium support, and maximum support ankle braces. Mild ankle braces are suitable for ankle sprains with minimal pain and inflammation. Medium-support braces are for slightly severe injuries that occur during physical activity. Both mild and medium support can be used while still engaging in sports—they do not limit your movement. On the other hand, maximum-support braces are for severe ankle injuries. When using them, you may have to wait for recovery before resuming physical activity.

What's the quality of the braces?

When selecting ankle braces after an injury, you need to look into the manufacturer and quality of the product. Go for a reputable manufacturer whose products have great reviews from previous users. However, other than that, you also need a material that will support the ankle during the injury. In this case, the soft braces used during sports won't cut it. You need rigid ones that will hold the ankle in place and prevent movement. Remember, since the ankle is sprained, too much movement will cause more inflammation and pain. So, you need an appliance that will support the tissue and ligaments until recovery.

How well do the braces fit on the ankle?

Before buying braces, try them on and make sure that they fit properly and are comfortable. Heavy braces that feel bulky on your foot will be a great inconvenience. On the other hand, very light ones will not provide adequate support. Go for braces that feel comfortable on your leg and also provide the steadiness required to stimulate quick recovery. They should also have a slim design that makes them comfortable when you wear shoes.

If you are not sure of the best braces for your ankle injury, talk to health expert so that they can recommend the right product on the market