Characteristics of Bulk Billing Medical Centres

Posted on: 5 February 2018

Bulk billing medical centres were developed to increase access to healthcare services for Australians. Bulk billing makes it possible for anyone enrolled in Medicare to access healthcare services without paying any money upfront. This makes it possible for patients to be treated for sicknesses, injuries and other medical conditions and pay for those services at a later date.

A bulk billing medical centre provides critical services to Medicare patients while allowing them to remain flexible with payment. There are several defining characteristics of most bulk billing medical centres. Some of these include:

A wide range of services provided

At a bulk billing medical centre, you can access many different healthcare services to address your specific condition. For example, many centres provide general consultations, mental health care, childhood immunisations and women's health services.

They are also a great resource for seeking references to a medical specialist if you need one. And because you don't have to pay any money upfront for most of these services, you can access the care that you need without any immediate financial pressure.

Easy integration of new patients

If you're visiting a bulk billing medical centre for the first time, you'll find that it's easy for you to transfer your health records and access the services you need. Most centres allow you to fill out a consultation form even before you visit the medical facility for treatment.

You can easily inform doctors of your medical condition and where you previously received healthcare. They will also inform you what you need to have with you when you come in for your appointment.

Flexible opening hours

Most bulk billing medical centres are open daily and also have after-hours availability. Depending on the availability of working staff and doctors, these medical centres offer flexible operating hours for patients to come in and seek treatment when necessary.

To access bulk billing medical care, all you need to do is become enrolled in Medicare and visit any bulk billing medical centre with your Medicare card.

Highly skilled doctors

A bulk billing medical centre is not short of professionally trained and highly qualified doctors. At these centres, you will be treated by experienced and professional family doctors who have plenty of knowledge of many different medical conditions.

Most bulk billing centres will also contain profiles of their doctors on their website so you can get a better feel for who will be treating you during your visit. Therefore, bulk billing increases access to healthcare for Medicare patients without exerting undue financial stress up front.